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Community Resources

A growing collection of freely available resources to help support the indie TTRPG community. Help us build them bigger and better by sharing them with your friends!

Logo for VAST. A stroke of colour connects a tag pictogram to the letters V, A, S, and T. Below the acronym is the text "Visual Accessibility Skills Toolkit"

VAST Guides

Visual Accessibility Skills Toolkit!A free resource for small and self publishers to increase visual accessibility in PDFs. Step by step tutorials show you how to include accessibility tags, alt text, and use a host of tools in Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro.

Illustration of a lizard sitting at a lizard-sized workbench, and looks over their shoulder at a human-sized phone with the Discord app open on it.

TTRPG Reviewers Database

A public self-registry for reviewers, podcasters, media sources and other attention-generating folks in the TTRPG industry.Google Form for ReviewersGoogle Sheets Database

Illustration of a sprawling fantasy city.

Benefits of Roleplay

A short essay on the impact of roleplaying games, and our need to play them. We discuss their benefits for marginalised communities, their use as teaching aids, and their mainstream relevancy to a market hungry for personal stories.Written in 2019.Link to Essay via the Stout Stoat Store